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Raymond’s Story

After feeling embarrassed of having a mouth of bad teeth, Raymond decided to have full dental implants, top and bottom. He had the surgery with Dr Adeel Ali and described the experience as “brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I even used to enjoy coming in to see Dr Adeel.”

Raymond was impressed with the after care received from Together Dental, explaining that he even received a phone call at night, after surgery hours to check in on him. He experienced no after effects and continues to recommend dental implant surgery to friends.

Brian’s Story

Over the years, playing sports and after enduring a car accident Brian was left with lots of mouth trouble. After a visit with Dr Adeel Ali, Brian opted for a course of upper and lower dental implants.

The experience was pain-free, and the process was carefully explained by Dr Adeel Ali. Brian explains it was a big investment, but one that was worth it. He now enjoys a fixed and permanent smile, one that has changed his life. He has confidence and is able to “eat what I like, I can eat to my heart’s content.”


Stephen’s Story

Stephen visited his local dental practice for a cleanup, only to find out he had the start of gum disease. After lots of discussions, it was decided for the long term, dental implants were his best option. “Clean up turned into finding out I had gum disease.”

Stephen explained how Dr Adeel was a pleasure to talk to. From talking about football, to keeping him calm and talking through every step of the process.

Dental implants have changed Stephen’s life. He isn’t frightened to smile anymore, “I am pretty confident anyway, but this has made me more confident, well too confident now.”

Dianne’s Story

Dianne decided to get dental implants due to shrinking gums. Her age was naturally causing cracked teeth and in some cases, teeth falling out.

She was exceptionally nervous of the dentist, especially this procedure. After a visit to Dr Adeel, all her fears were put to rest as she felt relaxed, at ease and trusted Dr Adeel.

Dianne now feels terrific. “I wish I had done them sooner. I am over the moon with the results.”

Andrew’s Story

Andrew had the top right hand side of his mouth rebuilt, including dental implants and rebuilding the jaw. Andrew was in a lot of discomfort before having the procedure done.

Andrew was most impressed with the surgeon, Dr Adeel Ali. He explains that his easy personality, extensive knowledge, and skills put him at ease and made the whole thing easier.

“I am delighted. I can eat on both sides with comfort. And from a vanity perspective, I have a set of teeth that are really good.”

Ken’s Story

Back in the 90’s Ken was unlucky and had his tooth kicked out by a cow. Over the years, he had tried various treatments but due to the nature of his work, he wanted something that he didn’t have to worry about. Between him and his local dentist, they decided a dental implant was the best solution.

Ken explains that it is like having your own tooth, you don’t notice any different. You clean them in the same way, and they behave in the same way – that’s the advantage of it.

“My wife is even more pleased! She said it is worth every penny as I can look at you again without a missing front tooth!”

Carol’s Story

Carol had a terrifying fear of dentists all her life so wouldn’t have been open to a big procedure normally. However, after chats with her local dentists it was recommended that dental implants were for her.

Carol explains that she doesn’t remember feeling any pain. She went home feeling like she had not been to the dentist. Carol has had her dental implants in for 18 months now and has had no problems. For someone who was so scared of the dentist, Carol quite confidentially talks about how it turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience.

“I haven’t regretted it for a moment.”

Anthony’s Story

Anthony had been suffering from gum disease for many years. After a visit to Dr Adeel Ali, he decided dental implants were the best option for him and his future.

Anthony had upper and lower arch dental implants. He explains there was a period of adjustment, but now sometimes he forgets that they are his teeth! He has received very positive comments about how natural they are.

“I smile a lot more and it has given me more confidence.”

Read more about Anthony’s story here.

Invisalign Treatments

Ravinder’s Story

Ravinder was unhappy with her smile and it had caused her to lose her confidence. She wanted something that was quick and unnoticeable so felt that Invisalign was right for her.

She explains how the treatment itself was virtually pain free and only lasted six months. In that time she found it had no impact on her everyday life. It was barely noticeable and she only needed to take them out when eating and drinking.

“Invisalign has changed my life. I have my confidence back to smile again and I get so many compliments on how great my teeth look now.”

Composite Bonding

This patient came in with concerns about her stained and uneven teeth colour. Our talented team used both teeth whitening and composite bonding on just four upper teeth to give her this amazing transformation.

Emily was unhappy with the shapes and colour of her teeth. We used teeth whitening and 10 composite bonding to give her a refreshed and perfect smile makeover.

This patient was always concerned about his teeth. We used a combination of Invisalign to straighten the teeth, followed by teeth whitening and four composite bonding to give him a brighter, sparkling smile.

Ravinder wanted to improve her already beautiful smile. We used a combination of Invisalign to straighten the teeth, followed by teeth whitening and composite bonding to give her the dream flawless smile she always wanted.

Other Treatments

Our team are able to shape of your veneers to create the smile you have always wanted. You can have just one veneer or a whole set, which we call a smile makeover because it has such a profound effect on people’s confidence. Find out more about Porcelain Veneers.

We offer a number of teeth whitening systems and the most popular is home whitening, all offering you a life-changing smile. Find out more about our teeth whitening options.

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